The power of association

The combination of a specific word and an associated image can deliver a powerful message. Here are 3 examples. Each one uses the same word ‘Renewal’ with a different image, resulting in 3 different messages being conveyed.


In this example the image evokes memories of domesticity and past times, maybe shattered dreams. In association with the word Renewal, the message becomes one that relates to building something new and different from past experiences and memories.


This example is somewhat similar, but this time the image and word combination convey a message that relates to the possibility of restoration: pre-loved to new.


The same word combined with this illustration evokes a message about hope and expectation, the possibility of fulfillment of dreams and ambitions.

Other image associations could change the message, eg think about:

  • renewal of vows
  • renewal notices
  • urban renewal
  • health
  • beauty
  • nature
  • fashion and decor

The image needs to be compelling enough to suggest the message you want to convey.


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